The breeding of Creole horses is a tradition with us.

We consider the horse as a work tool in the Estancia, but it is also considered as a means of recreation and amusement for our guests, who, through this breed, can learn a little more about Argentine history, the origins and evolution of the breed right up to its present conformation, and get to know about its different destinations and uses.

The herd of brood mares we have is the result of a long process of morphological and functional selection, and guests are invited to partake in short, medium and long-distance rides to the different areas of the estancia.

Everyone in Santa María rides, no matter how extensive his or her degree of knowledge of our Gaucho style of riding may be. We receive experts on the subject who are demanding as to the quality of their mounts and the type of horseback activities we offer, as well as beginners who wish to try riding for the first time. Our gauchos are patient and more than willing to transmit the knowledge of how to turn this activity into an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Santa María horses are tamed and trained in the Estancia and guests may observe this activity, and, according to the time of the year see how we prepare the animals which will participate in the different annual Agricultural Shows in which we compete, from the biggest and most important one in the Rural Society’s show-grounds in Buenos Aires, to the Provinces of Santa Fe, Entre Rios and Corrientes.

Horseback riding in Santa María is an adventure in itself, as much for beginners as for experts who can gallop through the paddocks, herding cattle and observing the abundant bird-life and varied fauna, in a typical traditional style, always accompanied by our gauchos.